“Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a ship is. It’s not just a keel and hull and a deck and sails. That’s what a ship needs. What a ship is… what the Black Pearl is… is freedom.”

I am freedom but restraint at the same time. I am crazy and sane in the same breath. I am old but young by sight. I am unpredictable.

I long to be witty and smart, navigating the uncontrollable seas to my own purpose and still reach my port of call. To care but not at all. To love but not at all. To trust but not at all. One day I will find that lost island and uncover the treasure everyone is after. I’ll be the one holding the cutlass to your neck, the one smiling, the one who attends her own funeral.

“For sure you have to be lost to find a place that can’t be found, elseways everyone would know where it was.”