Checkmate doesn’t mean you’ve simply cornered the enemy king. It’s a declaration that the enemy king is yours.”

Life is a game, they say, but what crappy game has 7 billion players wandering around, creating their own rules to achieve objectives that they made up for themselves?

That is the first question that the story ‘No Game No Life’ presented to me in the form that I appreciate the most: anime. Chess is a game that you can win at if you are capable of considering the 10^24 moves that can be made. Almost any other game can be manipulated and logically conquered with mathematics, physics and a good knowledge of the rules.

That is the key to winning. Knowledge. If you know what card your opponent holds in their hand, you know how to play your own. If you know what is the move the opponent will make, you know how to attack and defend yourself at the same time. If you know the opponent’s weak point, you know how to manipulate them to give you what you want.

With knowledge, you have the skeleton key to unlock any door you want, fully aware of the consequences. And so knowledge is something I endeavour to store up for myself. That is why people dedicate years and years of their lives to study the Bible. If that is indeed the rulebook by which the game called ‘Reality’ is run, than it would be undoubtedly important to know everything you can about this world and anticipate how to conquer it.

If you do not endeavour to find out everything you can about everything, if you cannot separate fact from fiction, you will walk to your own death. In a world of voices, do you know which one to mute? In a world of enemies, do you know which one to trust?

Are you amazed? ‘No Game No Life’ explains all this through a comedic animated story. More than just the importance of knowledge, I have learnt a lot of other things.

Rule by fear leads to assassination.

The first loss will hurt, but that’s why it was fun.

People who can’t fly have to create a way to do so even though they stay the same.

To doThe weak should leave it to the strong to fight head-on.


In a real war, only a fool waits for the enemy’s turn.

There is no more trusted observer than someone who suspects you.

Only an idiot starts a fight he can’t win.

Fulfilled people are just an urban legend.

I could write about these things for days on end, but at the end of the day, the important thing is that I realised that it is I, the player, who controls the game. To do everything for a reason from now on, that is my aim. To think of the infinite goal rather than the immediate one, to work without giving power to the enemy, to start fights that I know beyond a doubt I will win, to fight with wisdom and most of all, to learn the rules before the crucial point.


I am going to be more than just a misunderstood existence in this world, I will be someone you regret not understanding better.

“In every time, in every world, the strong polish their fangs while the weak polish their wisdom.”

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