Beauty in Order

“It is impossible for us to break the law. we can only break ourselves against the law.”

Somehow, everyone hates rules. But yet, everyone thrives when there is order. How ironic. In times of chaos and depression, we seek a routine, a method of doing things that will lead to success. In times of disaster and panic, we seek a fixed path out into the light. But yet we laugh at the law and try to destroy it.

When turmoil is all that I see, order is what helps me to fly above the storm. Waking up at a fixed time. Looking at the same thing when I first open my eyes. Knowing that everything is the same, knowing that I can find something in a familiar hiding place, that is how I know that I am safe.

When everything is lost and I am alone in the world, I know when I look up, God is there. What God is doing while I’m suffering doesn’t matter to me, neither does it matter that everyone laughs at my belief in God or treats Him as a curse word, unwittingly, they remind me of that one order in my life that I can count on seeing when I open my eyes from the nightmare.

In the days of calamity, when I open my eyes, He whispers:

“I am here.”

So that is why I treasure order and law. And that is why I will keep trying to stick to my timetable despite my feelings. Because my feelings will desert me but He won’t.

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