The Theory of 360 Degrees

We all know our vision is limited and we can only see what’s in front of us and certain angles to the side. We invented cameras to act as our eyes, capturing images of what’s in front of us so that we remember them.

But then that’s not good enough. So there are now 360 cameras which can capture pictures behind, things that our eyes cannot see. But why are we so obsessed with having to see everything behind us? Even though it seems like an advancement in technology, we are actually turning backwards and looking at the past.

With our eyes, we only see a few things at once. At times it’s frustrating, especially when you have a cheeky friend who likes to scare you from behind. But by not being able to see what’s behind, we don’t get distracted so easily. Once we set our eyes on the goal, it’s easier to fire the arrow with your full focus because all that fills your vision then will be that goal.

360 cameras tempt us. “What’s around you? What’s behind? You want to see, don’t you?” And we stay in that spot and look. There’s a lot to see. It’s true that life is very complicated and having a wider perspective certainly helps you to see more, but do you realise that at the same time, you’re standing still and not moving forward?

There’s no point in seeing everything when you don’t know where you want to go because there’s one degree that no eye and no camera can see and that is: the future. When it comes to the future we are all as blind as a bat and utterly confounded.

That is why, what you have is enough. Just go forward with the vision in front of you and don’t look back.


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