After Death

If I have achieved nothing by the time I die,

It’s okay because everyone leaves with empty hands.

Most people they warm up as they go through life and encounter difficulties. Over time, they meet people worth keeping, times worth smiling, and things worth chasing. Despite all their suffering, they find this elusive thing called ‘happiness’.

Why am I different? Every time I fall, I lose the heart to pick myself up and keep moving. My heart doesn’t warm up, it just gets colder and harder. Whether it is people or memories or things, I don’t care about any of that.

It’s tiring to pretend that it matters, this thing called ‘happiness’.

If I leave no legacy or memory when I die,

It’s okay because even time erases the best stories.

There is nothing worth doing when after all the suffering

You’re in a coffin with your eyes closed.


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