Listen to Mummy

My mother is always right, especially when she’s giving me advice. She also has this uncanny habit of being able to tell what kind of people my friends are just from meeting them once. She once told me my current clique was a bad influence and later, the clique broke up after some drama where I spent a whole semester in the counsellor’s office. The people she said were reliable turned out to be trustworthy and the people she said were suspicious did indeed turn out to be as she said.

Being a teenager, I ignored most of my mother’s advice, thinking, “I know these people much better since I see them five times a week.” So it was only after the best friend she told me was dubious and probably unreliable betrayed me by dropping me like a sack of potatoes with a string of lies tied around the mouth of it, I decided that it was worth listening to what she had to say.

Last night, I was commenting on how much more efficient my brain used to be in making decisions and planning out my life and how after a year of losing it because of anxiety, my brain is now unable to move faster. I told her that the only strategy that works now is to dam up my brain with a wall of blank and let one thought through at a time and that it is such a tedious process compared to when I had multiple strings of thought running simultaneously.

She said this, “I don’t think your brain is less efficient now. I think you’re more mature now and that’s why there’s more to think about.”

“Last time you didn’t have the experience, so there were things you didn’t even need to consider, but now that you know and you’ve gone through a lot more, you have to consider those factors when you plan and make decisions.”

I didn’t even give her a context of what I was planning and she could give this kind of advice. Sometimes, I think she’s very childish for arguing with my dad over something he bought from the supermarket, but then at times like this, I just feel very awed and I think that one day I want to be wise like her.





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