The Artist Date

The Artist Date is a concept from Julia Cameron’s creative course ‘The Artist Way’ and the essential idea of this is to make time alone each week to do something ‘whimsical’ or ‘enchanting’ to do something that ignites the imagination.

I have not had the chance to set out time to feed my muse so this idea intrigues me. For as certain as time is hard to find, so is it certain that I need to release myself from this year long block.

Here are some ideas I’ve discovered from across the Internet that I would like to try:

  1. Take $5 to a dollar store and see how much fun you can buy with so little.
  2. Go to the library and read a book that’s new to you or one that you wouldn’t normally read.
  3. Spend an afternoon colouring in.
  4. Go to an independent cafe and journal or do Bible study.
  5. Write out the plot-line of a novel you might write one day.
  6. Cook something you have never tried before.
  7. Go to IKEA and take pictures of everything you find beautiful. Compile an image file of your perfect home.
  8. Choose a colour, go out and take pictures of everything in that colour. Create a collage of all your pictures.
  9. Write a poem.
  10. Imagine what your life would have been like 200 years ago, write about a day in your life.
  11. Go accessory shopping and buy something more adventurous than normal.

  12. Dust off whatever musical instrument you used to own (ukulele) and play through a few songs.

  13. Write a bucket list.
  14. Grab a stack of magazines, and clip whatever looks interesting or cool to create your own inspiration board.

  15. Send a care package to your best friend or to a family member.

  16. Make a list of twenty things you’d like to do before your 20th birthday.

  17. Buy a soft toy.
  18. Create a look book.
  19. Visit a graveyard.
  20. Draw a mythical creature.
  21. Go to a botanical garden and photograph or sketch the flowers and trees.
  22. Make a bracelet.
  23. Practice handwriting
  24. Film a video.
  25. Create a playlist of all your favourite songs.

Do whatever your creative soul needs to enrich itself and have fun.”


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