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This is my personality type. It is intriguing.

And dangerous.

Known as the Architect personality or the Mastermind, INTJs are one of the rarest personality types, making up 0.8% of the world’s population and 4.3% of Singapore’s population. We are described briefly as imaginative and strategic thinkers with a plan for everything but are known in fiction for being villains and cold-blooded strategists.

It is no fun for me to paraphrase everything you can read at so instead, I will list some interesting facts about INTJs that I relate to.

  1. Likes studying (especially grammar, physics and psychology)
  2. Likes strategy games, puzzles or detective stories
  3. Dislikes small talk, icebreakers and orientation camps
  4. Needs a lot of alone time
  5. I am always right
  6. Hates feelings, prefers logic
  7. Dislikes hugs
  8. Finds people/relationship talk boring
  9. Your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency
  10. I may look like I’m not doing anything but I’m actually busy analysing, creating or observing something so please leave me alone
  11. If you order me to do something I was already going to do, I will not do it
  12. Admires hard work, competence and dedication
  13. Dislikes phone calls and long project meetings
  14. I am an open book, I am just hard to read
  15. Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
  16. Extremely loyal and will help you in a pinch but if you manipulate my loyalty, I will not give you my trust back
  17. To insult me, I need to value your opinion first and I only value logical opinions
  18. You are not entitled to your ignorant opinion
  19. I have a long fuse attached to a really large bomb
  20. My brain is my favourite part of myself
  21. I end friendships by cutting that person out of my life entirely
  22. Don’t rant to me about problems you don’t want to solve
  23. Will not tolerate insults to my intelligence, competence or integrity
  24. If you tell me ‘I feel you should do this…’ rather than ‘I think… because…’ I will ignore you
  25. My emotions are an undeveloped tool that cause me to feel very intensely because I cannot control them
  26. Rarely has feelings, spends too much time thinking
  27. Dislikes salesmen
  28. Do not interrupt me when I’m reading, writing or thinking
  29. Sees obvious patterns and connections where others cannot but not having the ability to explain them
  30. Would prefer not to lead but always ends up leading


It is very rare to get 100% for introversion because most people are a mix. My mother is convinced there is a trauma somewhere that affected this most recent result of my MBTI test but it is taking a while to figure out what that trauma is…




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