To Be Healthy…

My motto in life has been:

“If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to do it, I’ll make it quick.”

The truth is, I have been telling myself that because I’m afraid of failure. It is funny how things translate themselves in life. I was holding on to a relationship that was not working out for about six months now, constantly trying to make it work. And recently, I made a big mess of it (again).

But it made me realise something. I have to accept the things I cannot change and not grieve so long over something that God refuses to give me. I am more than any single friendship with another human being. I need to take care of my mind and most of all, my body.

It is the holidays now and this is my chance to look inwards and ask myself what do I want to accomplish in this life and how I will do it. Here are some tips that I found during my research:

A healthy body is made up of: a good diet, 2 litres of water and a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each day

I still suffer from terrible cases of acne consistently and there are various causes for it. Stress is one of them but since that cannot be helped, I must tackle the rest. My unhealthy diet of instant noodles and preservatives, dehydration and weird sleeping schedules.

The best kind of diet is the organic kind. I might be allergic to gluten or dairy so for the next month, I am cutting those out of my diet to see if they are the cause of my mountainous pimples.

Activity can be a form of exercise.

Doing chores, walking to the supermarket with my mum, doing stretches while watching a show all counts as exercise. Carrying heavy objects across the room, washing socks, strapping weights to your hairdryer are modern variations of carrying a stone water jar from the well. No wonder no one had to exercise in the ancient days. Walking for miles just to get to town or cooking with pots heavier than a sack of rice were the old ways off working out.

Staying healthy is a lifestyle after all, not an hour long ritual of running on the spot and then being lazy for the rest of the day. This is probably the hardest change to make but that is why they say the ocean is made of many water droplets.

Listen to audio books while running.

My least favourite form of exercise is running. The moment I begin, I want to stop because there is just no logical reason for me to run if there is no bus to chase or no enemy on my heels. However, running is a lung-expanding exercise and a good way of increasing your stamina (and patience). One way to make this exercise easier to swallow is to learn something while you run. Listening to audio books is a good way of losing yourself in your thoughts while your feet are doing something mindlessly boring like running.

Create a vision board.

Many times, we get distracted from our goals by what is pleasurable at the moment or by what we feel at that point of time. Having a clear vision that you look at every single day is a good way to motivate yourself to keep fighting for what you want instead of succumbing to temptation. A lot of people accept that procrastination happens and allow distractions to run their lives but I know that I do not want to be that person.

Record your progress.

Nothing motivates more than results and nothing shows results more than hard work. It is tedious to sit down at the end of each day to reflect on how everything is going but if you want to improve than do it.

Meditate or colour.

For me, reading God’s Word and thinking about it makes me calmer and less anxious about life because it reminds me that God has it all under control. But sometimes my brain just will not cooperate and I end up indulging in unwanted bad habits like watching YouTube videos for hours or scrolling morosely through social media (and becoming more messed up).

That is where colouring comes in. Colouring trains your brain to focus on what you are doing and releases mental tension slowly over the course of the activity. It also fosters creativity and translates your anguish onto the page.

At the end of the day, advice only helps if you are willing to take it. Willpower and inner strength comes from the individual and not from circumstance.

“Motivation is something that has to come from within. Someone can help you light the fire but you’ve got to be the one that keeps it burning. Just remember though that you’ve got to cherish that flame – do not let anyone blow it out. They can’t. You’re in control of how bright you shine and how hot you want to be.”


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