The Theory of Stories

“A wise man once said nothing.”

Stories are the best teachers because they tell truths to those who want to hear them and entertain those who do not so that they will pass these truths down to those who do. Unwittingly applied by wise men across the eras of humanity, even by Jesus himself, who taught about the kingdom of heaven through parables, stories have taught the youngest child to the oldest man.

Not all truth needs to be said, not all truth can be said and not all truth will be heard but stories… no one can argue with stories because they are what they are. The truth can be sifted by whoever is hungry for it, the lies can be fed to those who will eat it and knowledge can be forced into those who do not care for truth.

Life lessons were always taught through stories. Fantasy was created to teach emotion to those who have never felt and pain to those who have never suffered. Stories cause their listeners to be quiet and hear and that is how they learn.


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