The Theory of the World’s Pattern

“Destiny? What would you know of destiny? If a fish lives its whole life in a river, does he know the river’s destiny? No. Only that it flows on and on, out of his control. He may follow where it flows, but he cannot see the end. He cannot imagine the ocean.”

Likewise, I do not know the world’s destiny and I will not claim to know it. I only know of its patterns. And this is one thing that I noticed: a person has no power to control more than his own destiny. Nothing he says or does can affect another person unless that person allows him to. Nothing another person says or does can affect him unless he allows that person to.

We are all fish living by our limited sight. Yet, at the same time, all of humanity is part of an amazing destiny of the world much too difficult for one person to understand. But once you understand that each one is part of a bigger plan, there is no need to redirect the currents of the river around you or to force all the fish to swim in the same direction you are going.

There is a purpose in the movement of the world in its many directions – even in those moving in the wrong direction. Like a tapestry, the stitches have to criss-cross for the masterpiece to form. It does not mean that there is no place for kindness or instruction. It just means that you no longer have to stake your everything fighting every battle you face. The values that have been lost in time: silence, contemplation and thoughtfulness, are really what it takes to maximise your potential.

But without silence in a world that keeps talking, contemplation in a world that moves ‘forward’ before thinking of the consequences, thoughtfulness in a world just seeking self-pleasure… the pattern of the world is merely that of no control. A mess of water collecting at the bottom of the waterfall, the ugliest part of the beautiful landscape, heading in no one way but throwing itself in every possible direction.

That is the chaos we live in. That is the beauty that we choose to believe in. That is the control we think we have. But the truth is that we can neither hold nor tame chaos. It is better to head in one direction, rather than living recklessly and thoughtlessly, swept up in the currents and pray that it is not a dead end.


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